Writer, editor, and photographer Michael Miller specializes in architecture, landscape, and the urban environment, using large-format black and white traditional media as well as digital color. He tries above all to create a subjective vision of the his encounter with a place, a building, or some unusual but telling found object—an insight which encompasses the spirit of the encounter, the spirit of its place, as well as the history of the subject. His relation to architecture developed from graduate study in architectural history, especially the Italian Renaissance, as he was developing his former career as an art historian and curator.

His relationship to photography changed in the early 1990's, when, as the curator of drawings at the Cleveland Museum of Art, he participated in its lively program of photographic exhibitions and acquisitions, collaborating with the photography curator on combined installations of photographs and drawings in intimate galleries, where they were displayed with cabinet paintings, domestic furniture, and small sculpture.  As a result he became fascinated with photographic visualization and began to work in large format. He found himself intensely drawn to the gritty urban landscape of Cleveland. During this period he studied in California with John Sexton, Morley Baer, and Robert Dawson, and later with Ken Schles at the International Center for Photography in New York, where he also worked as a teaching assistant.

His work has been represented by the Lallak+Tom Gallery in Chicago and Heather B. Nevin, New York and has been placed in several private collections in New York and Chicago and has been published in his own articles on art and architecture. He is currently a member of the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University and an exhibiting member of the Vermont Center for Photography, Brattleboro, where his work has been shown in several exhibitions, the New Members' Show and Small Works, Big Ideas, as well as the Members' Show currently on view.  Among other local exhibitions he has shown recently at the Latchis Theater.

He is currently at work on a photographic essay combining texts about and photographs of Zzyzx, an abandoned Christian resort in the Mojave Desert. In addition to essays on art for academic and general audiences, he writes novels, short stories, and criticism, and teaches courses on art and Classics, most recently at  Williams College, NYU, and the New School. He is also editor/publisher of The Berkshire Review for the Arts, an online arts magazine, where photographs, as well as his reviews of music, theater, and art have appeared regularly since its launch in the summer of 2007.

Contact: michael [at] michaelmillerphoto [dot] com